Semi Private Personal Training

Our Semi Private Personal Training  is a great way to take advantage of our Fitness Coaching services.  It allows our clients to workout on the same session with their family, friends or other fitness minded individuals.


Next Level Fitness Studio Benefits:

  • Clean, friendly environment
  • Limited number of clients
  • Maximum of 3-4 clients working out at the studio at once
  • Exercise Bands, dumbbells, Plyo Boxes, TRX, Agility Ladders, Medicine Balls……
  • Professional, certified team of experts



Fitness Studio Programs:

Next Level “Fitness Focus”

Enjoy the benefits of training with your professional fitness coach 2x per week in our clean, state of the art fitness studios.



Next Level “Body Transformer”

In this 3x per week program we focus on reshaping your body by helping you break bad.habits and develop long lasting results.


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Gotta try this

Next Level Fitness is excellent! Their workouts are challenging yet fun. I have been a gym person for years and have never achieved the results I was seeking. Next Level Fitness changed that. I have lost a pant size and feel much more fit and energized! I highly recommend Next Level Fitness!”
- CS

Works Hard

I have trained with Micah for over 3 years. He has a great depth of knowledge in regards to exercise. But more importantly, he is a great guy, very honest and hard working. ”
- NS

Stepping up my workouts!

Working out with Micah, at Next Level Fitness, has been amazing. I used to belong to BSC for 5 years....but, I now workout with Micah 3 times a week and I have seen more results with him in shorter time then I have on my own at my gym. He has definitely pushed me to the "Next Level" ”
- LB